Friday, April 11, 2008

Do you ever have...

One of those days where everything just seems to go wrong? Well that was my Friday. It started out okay enough, if you call the alarm going off a good start. So I jump into the show, like I always do, and proceed to go through my morning ritual. Now, the one difference for this morning, is that I was pretty darn tired. So as I was finishing in the shower I started to shave, again like I always do, every morning, every day. But this morning I "missed" and shaved a little section off the corner of my nose. You know, in one of those areas where you can't put a bandage and that bleeds like a stuck pig. Fortunately when I did it it didn't really hurt too bad. So I finished up and got out of the shower to survey the damage. Like I said I was bleeding pretty good.

I decided to move on with the morning to see if it would stop bleeding (ya right) and after a little while I called Rodney (our Deputy Squadron Commander) and let him know I was going to be running a bit late because I tried to CUT MY NOSE OFF... Anyway after a couple of hours the bleeding finally did stop and I got to a point that I could get ready to head off to work.

Well, just as I was getting ready to walk out the door the telephone rang... The school was calling because Devin fell and bent his hand backward and they were not sure how bad it was. At this point Denise decided she would go check on him while I stay a bit longer a watch Deanna. Since there was a chance that she might have to take him to urgent care. Just to set the record straight he was okay just a little bruise on the top of his middle finger on his left hand. So Denise sent him back to his classroom.

Okay, so here is the best part. While I am home with Deanna she does "the deed" and needs a diaper change. Well sometimes I carry her around with one hand while she grabs my hand with both of her hands. So I am carrying her back to the changing table (with one hand) and as I get in there I twist and - POP - my back goes and I come down like a sack of potatoes... So there I am laying in the middle of the floor with Deanna hanging around my face with the sweet aroma of Deanna's dirty diaper wafting through the air as I lay there wanting to just die.

So, after a couple of minutes I get back up (at least I was able to move) and have Deanna climb herself up on the changing table. I go through the motions of changing her (which wasn't fun, well it wasn't fun for different reasons this time) and discard the offending aroma generator and head straight to bed.

Denise came home a few minutes later and brought me the appropriate medication (thank god we still hand some) and the telephone. So I call work back and tell them (Rodney) that I'm done for the day. Fortunately we have a better idea of how to deal with this so immediately (when Denise got home) I got ice on my back and the right drugs. So today (Saturday) I am VERY stiff but I can at least move around. I still feel like I have a knot in the middle of my back but it is not as bad as it normally would be.

Anyway, I hope everyone got a good laugh at my misfortune... I think maybe when I read about this (a year from now) I will just laugh and laugh about this... Ah, then again maybe not!


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