Sunday, October 29, 2006

Long weekend...

This has been a pretty long weekend. When you consider the air show on Friday and the Disney on Ice & Daisy thing on Saturday today felt like an extra day. We decided to head into town to do some running around. I wanted to find some 150 watt 2500 lumen halogen light bulbs for my Alien Bees strobe units. Denise wanted to get some black shirts/pants for Devin to wear under his Darth Vader costume. We also ended up doing lunch at El Torito where although the service was horrible the food was outstanding. At one point on the trip back Desirae decided she needed a potty break. The sun was going down and the lighting on Devin was wonderful so I grab a couple of quick snaps.

I was playing around with a photo montage from the Daisy meeting yesterday. I took different elements from the photographs that I captured to put this together. The background is a shot of the table after the kids were done painting their pumpkins. The snapshots are just from while they were painting - and the group shot was well - a group shot. I picked the purple color from a different section in the photograph for the text. It seem like something that would work well. Will be interesting to see what the other folks thing. When printed out on that luster paper it really pops - I really love that new paper!


At Monday, 30 October, 2006, Blogger Donna Rae said...

The montage looks great!


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