Saturday, February 07, 2009

Salvaged photo shoot....

Okay, so today was SUPPOSED to be a shoot with Nick. But as it turned out we had our days mixed up (I was thinking today - and he was thinking Sunday). I was unable to get with Tom to wave him off so since I had everything ready we did some studio training instead. Tom really hasn't had an opportunity to shoot with strobes and soft boxes he it worked out really well. Instead of everything being focused on a setup shoot we just kind of played around. Since mainly Tom was shooting onto of shooting the always ready Deanna he shot some stuff with me and Denise too. We were also able to get some really nice shots with me and Deanna too. All in all it was a pretty good afternoon of shooting and I think everyone had fun with it. Tom is now thinking about getting some strobes too so that could be fun if he decides to do that.

I had a morning sunrise shoot scheduled but that fell apart about twenty minutes ago. So the only thing left is the shoot with Nick and that is a tentative thing right now. So well just have to see how that works out!


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