Thursday, December 18, 2008

Snow day...

Well, this doesn't happen very often around here but it actually snowed! It started yesterday and continued through the night so when we woke up it was a winter wonder land. Pretty cool! We are not sure if they closed school, but since it was a minimum day anyway Denise just kept Desirae home. Work actually called the night before saying to report at 0930 because of the weather. Then, they called back around 0840 to say don't come to work. The funny part, because of the weather most people were on the road (like me) and we already in the middle of it. Pretty frustrating but at least we got the day off.

Well this is the last week that Sarah is going to be here. On Saturday we drive her back over the hill and then she is on a plane back home. It has really been helpful having her here and I am not really sure what we would have done had both her and my mom not come over to help. It has been kind of stressful having extra people in the house and dealing with Devin's recovery but knowing there was someone else here to help move him has really been wonderful. Devin is about at the point where he can start moving himself so I think we are going to be okay


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