Monday, December 15, 2008

Oh, what a day...

Wow... I am not really sure what to write about today. It started good and ended good but the middle part was a freaking nightmare. Denise and I both woefully underestimated what was going to happen today. I mean it seemed simple enough. Drive down to Children's Hospital, maybe take a couple of x-rays, remove his casts put on some new casts. I mean what could be such a big deal about that. This is the part where we both forget about the surgery, the pins, the stitches and all the other joyful things that go with it. Basically Devin freaked... I would say that I was pretty close to doing that myself because the sight of seeing curved pins coming out of your kids skin is a bit unnerving. Considering everything that was going on Devin was pretty good but it did include a couple of hysterical fits. I kind of wish we would have brought the valium with us (I could have used it).

Anyway Doctor Kay said that everything looked great in person and on the x-rays. They casted Devin for his new braces and then gave him walking casts, although he really isn't going to be walking in them. Basically it means that he can put pressure on his feet and we can start moving him around more. We go back in a month and he will be completely out of casts.

After a brief visit with Santa, at Santa's work shop we headed home. They gave us a printed picture and I will try to scan that in later. On the way back, with traffic being bad and trying to make the most out of a very stressful day we luckily found an exit with a Black Angus so we stopped and hand some steak.

Well, bottom line, this whole experience is almost over and we are at the halfway point. The next phase (like I said above) is him getting completely out of the casts and then onto physical therapy. Considering everything that was done I think the chances for a good recovery and outcome are pretty good.


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