Monday, January 19, 2009

LA Boondoggle

I connected up with Kris today for a boondoggle with no real destination in mind. We ended up taking some back roads near Mullhulland Drive and around Bel Air and Beverly Hills. This one spot from the photograph was a little park/sight seeing area that we could look down on these massive houses (if you can even call them houses). From there we end up at the Guitar Center and walked around to the various music shops in that area. It was pretty cool and neat to get down there to just look around. The vintage area was pretty darn cool (as usual) and they had some impressive looking guitars and amps. The highest dollar we found, a Gibson Les Paul for $120k and a Fender Strat for $95k. Kris played with an acoustic and I just looked around.

On Saturday Denise did a Girl Scout thing with Desirae and their troop but I haven't seen the photographs/video yet. Once I get that and maybe some words I will do a blog posting about that.

I also experienced the week from hell at work during our Unit Compliance Inspection. It is finally over and I think we came out okay. The real story will be tomorrow at the out-brief and then the more detailed out-brief with my boss. I had one particular area that was nearly a disaster but it looks like we were able to turn it around.


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