Saturday, April 05, 2008

Devin's book...

As many of you know Devin has been working on a "book". Every once in a while he decides that he wants to take a break from playing video games to work on his book. Today was one of those days and he agreed to let me video him while doing it. He actually worked on it for about an hour (he types slow) so it is really cool that he sticks with it and keeps going back to it.

Other than that it was a pretty quite day around the house. Denise's back is still not doing great. She had another appointment on Friday where another doctor decided to give her some muscle relaxers. I am not sure how well they are helping but at least she is on something different. They also x-rayed her back and will give her the results of that sometime next week. Hopefully everything will go back to normal soon though!


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