Monday, June 04, 2007

Made it!

First, last night was horrible. Just for the record Hampton Inns are different from Hampton Inn & Suites. This place just wasn't up to par. Anyway - first mistake we made was NOT bringing baby thing in for Deanne to sleep in. This hotel did not have cribs (like the other one) and we decided it was too much of a pain to go back down to the van and dig the thing out of the car. Boy was that stupid. For a few minutes of trouble it would have saved us an entire night of sleep. Needless to say Deanna was NOT a happy camper last night and beat the crud out of Denise and I.

Second, who really needs an elevator when you are on the third floor? I mean really what fun is ridding down in a elevator when you are trying to leave with 100 lbs of bags to carry down? For some reason the elevator decided to go tango uniform when we decided to leave. Desirae and I (meaning me) carried down the bags from the third floor to the van. The idea was that maybe the elevator would start working by the time we put the stuff again and we could hit breakfast. So after we saw the repairmen working on the elevator Desirae and I walked back up the stairs. So not we have to go back down. Devin assures us that he can walk down the stairs. I was a bit reluctant but Denise said "He says he can do it!". So I figured I would walk in front of him in case there was a problem. We hadn't made it down the first flight of stairs when Devin lost it. Canes everyone and him gripping the rail for dear life. So after I carried down down 2 1/2 flight of stairs we were back in business. Oh - their breakfast was horrible too. I mean why in the world would you really want milk to go with cereal??? Oh wait - you just have to ask for it. You may have 1 cut of milk - no more... Whatever...

Third, when we got to Gene's house the kids went out to play on the trampoline. Denise wanted them to stop because there is poison ivy underneight. So I picked them up off of it - and threw my back out... So now I am taking all the meds the doctor gave me and hoping for the best...


At Tuesday, 05 June, 2007, Blogger Donna Rae said...

Yikes - sounds like an extremely trying experience. VERY sorry about your back and I hope the meds do the trick.


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