Sunday, December 05, 2010

The pile of books...

Denise came up with a  cool idea for a photo using a bunch of her books.  She had found an image online that was the inspiration of the shot (although that one was a little darker in nature) so today we set about to make the shot we had in mind.  The biggest obstacle was a location.  So the best wall for the backdrop was in the living room, behind the couch...  So we moved everything out of the way (the living room is in total disarray right now) to include the couch and coffee table and started bringing in the books.  With the idea of using the image as stock we took most of the dust jackets off the books and faced all the bindings away from the camera.  Honestly I think it looks cooler not being able to read all the title of the books - it makes it more about Denise and her books.

Before we made the image above we did some sessions with Deanna by her self, Devin by himself and then a few with Deanna and Devin and Deanna and Denise.  I think we made some really cute images and it was a lot of fun.  I talked more about how I created the images over on my other blog at Duane Ellison Photography.


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